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Client Testimonials - Glendale SIGNS

"From day one when I met Ardo among the other sign companies, I felt relaxed and comfortable. Ardo Sign Co. took over a very hard, challengeable task with the city, on my behalf, to create a sign program that fits my shop center and obtain 8 tenant's sign permits. One day as I drove to the shop center, I was overwhelmed with joy. Ardo Sign Co. had finished this project, A to Z from paperwork to construction of the signs, with their even individual unique logos. The shop center looks great and much more inviting to customers thanks to Ardo Sign Co."
Loretta - Ventura Corbin Plaza

After delivering the umbrellas to K24 restaurant, David said... "Ardo, you have once more exceeded my expectations and put a smile on my face. These are beautiful umbrellas. Thank you my friend."
David - K24

"I was so worried and unsure, how Ardo Sign Co. would execute and match the sign, of what was in my imagination, as antique rusted look finish. One afternoon, as I walked outside my restaurant, I was in tears, the rusted metal was so incredible, it was precisely what I had imagined. Thanks for the great job."
Tricia - Bon Vivan

"Once we were introduced to Ardo and his crew, we got hooked on them, we search no more. When Ardo Sign Co. is awarded a job, they make you so comfortable, they make it look so easy. At the start and finish of a project, you realize there is a smile on your face. Ardo we appreciate your kindness and services."
Kyla - 801 Fairfax

"I have dealt with Ardo Sign Co. for a long time. They are reliable, courteous, professional and most importantly, they match all my needs from cost to quality, from signs to awnings. Ardo you are a good man and a good friend."
Tony Sardo

"I have known Ardo and his crew for many years now. When it comes to reliability and execution of my projects, I rely on Ardo Sign Co., never doubt or hesitate when I talk to my clients, regarding sign or awning projects, about material or quality, etc. I know Ardo has my back, without seeing the product I can speak my mind. Thank you Ardo Sign Co. for your outstanding services."
Safi Ishrati Architects

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